Teaching & Outreach

Internship Program (Summer 2022):

Davion Dossous, a rising junior at New Heights Charter School of Brockton, joined the lab as an intern for Summer 2022. Davion is studying temporal changes in the physical and biogeochemical structure of Siders Pond (Falmouth, MA), through a combination of field work (measuring profiles of T, S, pH, conductivity, dissolved O2), assisting with sample collection in the Seltzer and Wankel labs, and data analysis and visualization. Check out Davion's blog!

Since Fall 2020, we have been working with the WHOI Broader Impacts Group to develop a partnership between WHOI and New Heights Charter School in Brockton, MA to connect 10th-grade Earth Science students to WHOI scientists, provide in-class lectures, lab tours, a mentorship program, and a summer internship program. We ran an "Ask-a-Scientist" program during the remote 2020-21 school year, and participated in lesson design and in-class teaching visits in fall and spring 2022.